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Glossybox March 2021 Review

Another month means another Glossybox UK arrival, this is my third Glossybox since signing up and it’s a good one! The March 2021 Glossybox theme was Pretty Pleasures, featuring brands such as NYX, Nails Inc and Beautaniq Beauty. Every product I received was also full sized, with the total value of the contents totalling £77.50, you’re getting a bargain.

Figs and Rouge Satin Soft Blurring Primer

Figs and Rouge Satin Soft Blurring Primer

I often struggle to find a face primer that works for my oily skin, I have tried many different primers over the years, some great and some not so great. The Figs and Rouge Primer claims to blur and minimise shine, it also has anti-blemish properties, meaning breakouts are reduced.

When I tried the primer for the first time, I was surprised by its runny consistency. Primers which are designed for blurring and shine control, typically have a silicone-like, or thick texture, but this one was quite the opposite. I applied the primer across my nose, forehead and chin (my oily areas) and used my trusty Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, for powder I used the Maybelline Fit Me Loose Powder. When trying a new primer, I like to use base makeup products that I know and love. This way I will know it’s the primer causing any problems.

However, I didn’t have any issue with this primer, its claims were completely accurate. My makeup lasted really well, I didn’t need to do any powder top-ups throughout the day, which is a massive bonus for an oily skin gal like myself. The Figs and Rouge primer is definitely a luxury product, retailing at £38, I think it’s the most expensive primer I have ever tried. That being said, I did love it and it is cruelty free, but I’m not sure I could justify paying just shy of £40 for a primer.

Nails Inc Palace Gardens Nail Polish

Nails Inc Palace Gardens Nail Polish

With the nail salons being closed, I have been painting my nails every week as part of my self-care routine. I was pleased to find a gorgeous pastel blue polish by Nails Inc in my Glossybox this month. Nails Inc say that this is a “super glossy, long lasting, intense colour” nail polish. I agree with most of this, apart from the long-lasting part. Like most standard nail polishes, it did chip after a day or two, even with the OPI Topcoat. The colour payoff is fantastic though. Usually with pale colours it takes a good 3, sometimes 4, coats of polish for the nail to be completely covered, but with Palace Gardens, I only need 2 coats!

Overall, this is a great staple nail polish to have in your collection, and it’s one I’m definitely going to be reaching for throughout spring and summer.

Beautaniq Beauty Nourishing Mascara

Beautaniq Beauty Nourishing Mascara

Intensely volumising, this Nourishing Mascara thickens, lengthens and adds curl for bigger, fuller looking lashes.

When I read this description in the Glossybox leaflet I was so excited to try out this mascara. The packaging is quite unusual for a mascara, it reminds me of a lip balm or liquid blush. The only negative about the Nourishing Mascara is how difficult it can be to remove and reinsert the wand. However, the mascara itself is a dream come true. Despite being volumising, it is by no means a clumpy mascara. It adds tons of volume and length, creating the most stunning wispy lashes. I could definitely see myself purchasing this again when I’m next in need of new mascara.

So Eco Complexion Sponge

So Eco Complexion Sponge

I have always used a brush to apply my foundation, but I do occasionally opt for a sponge. The Complexion Sponge by So Eco was a little disappointing for me I’m afraid. I wet the sponge, like I normally would, however the sponge seemed to lose its shape and became quite bumpy. I also struggled to get my foundation to look even, it took me quite a while to blend in the foundation. The finish of my makeup did look fresh and natural but it took a lot longer than normal to achieve my go-to base. I will of course continue to play around with the sponge and will update this post if my opinion changes.

NYX Lip Lingerie

NYX Lip Lingerie Lipstick

I am going to keep this very brief, as there isn’t anything to say. I haven’t tried this Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick by NYX because the shade I received in my Glossybox is a colour that I know I would never wear. I received the shade 14 Lipli, which is an almost dark brown. I don’t like dark colours on my skin tone, so rather than trying it once and never wearing again, I will keep to one side and either gift to a friend or include in a giveaway at some point. I love NYX and was really hoping for a product of theirs that I would use, but unfortunately this shade just wasn’t for me.

I really liked this month’s Glossybox, 3 out of the 5 products are amazing and definitely things I would use time and time again. As for the sponge, I will keep using it to see if I can get it it to work better for me. Did you receive your March Glossybox? Have you tried any of these products before?

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Until Another Day x

37 thoughts on “Glossybox March 2021 Review”

  1. I always appreciate honest reviews so I thank you for this. The primer does look interesting – I’m not a fan of the usual silcone feeling ones. As you said though, this one is quite expensive. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. It’s a shame that the sponge wasn’t great and the lipstick just wasn’t right for you but it sounds like the rest of the products were really good finds for this one. That nail varnish is such a gorgeous colour!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Really enjoyed this post and I’ve started to include painting my nails into my self-care routine and just to make myself feel a bit brighter – though it’s annoying whenever it chips earlier than I would like. I haven’t heard of Nails Inc before but will check out there colours as I’m desperate to add more colours to my collection since I only have three currently that I keep swapping between.

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  4. It’s been ages since I treated myself to a beauty subscription box (Birchbox was my last one) but I’m so intrigued by the Figs and Rouge primer I just might have to give Glossybox a go – if the primer works that well on oily skin I’d say it’s worth every penny! x

    Liked by 2 people

  5. It looks like you got some great things in this box & I really want to try the Figs and Rouge primer because I have oily skin too. The nail polish is a pretty color for the Spring, but that’s a shame the sponge wasn’t that great & the shade of the NYX Lip Lingerie isn’t for you.

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