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February 2021 Glossybox Review

Last month I subscribed to Glossybox for the first time and I was very impressed by the quality of the beauty products which were included in the January box. Therefore, it was only natural to be super excited for my February 2021 Glossybox to arrive.

The February 2021 Glossybox had a theme of Sing, Dance, Love, Repeat and the box itself was designed as a cute little retro cassette tape, complete with the Glossybox logo. Inside, the contents were wrapped with printed tissue paper, embellished with a pair of over ear headphones and a cassette player.

After my long-winded explanation of the Glossybox package, let’s get in to the contents, the thing you are actually here to read about.

The Contents

Avant Velvet Perfecting Rose Sugar Scrub

Avant Velvet Perfecting Rose Sugar Scrub
Avant Skincare Lip Scrub

Avant Skincare are a beauty brand which I haven’t heard of before, and after doing some research of my own, Avant is a luxury brand with some eye-wateringly expensive products! So, it was no surprise to read that the Avant Rose Sugar Scrub retails for £58 for just 10ml of product! Despite being a lip scrub, I didn’t find it overly abrasive, it has a gel like formula, which is very comfortable on the lips. After using, my lips felt a lot softer and smoother than they had before. I followed this up with a lip balm, and I was left with hydrated and nourished lips for hours. I really like this lip scrub by Avant, but I would never be able to justify paying the full price, after all, it is just a lip scrub.

Nudestix Gel Color Lip and Cheek Balm

Nudestix Gel Color Lip and Cheek Balm

I have always wanted to try Nudestix, especially their cream bronzer stick, so I was excited to try out the Nudestix Lip and Cheek Pencil. I received the shade Siren, which is a gorgeous vibrant red. Reds can be quite scary to work with, but this Nudestix formula blends out beautifully for a subtle blush on the cheeks, and as a slight pop of tint on the lips.

Bubble T Cosmetics Peach Bellini Hand Cream

Bubble T Cosmetics Peach Bellini Hand Cream

In the summer I picked up a Bubble T Peach Bellini Hand Sanitiser, which smelt exactly like the famous Peach Bellini cocktail. The Bubble T hand cream version is no exception, it has the same delicious scent. It completely takes the dryness out of my hands by instantly adding moisture and nourishment to the skin. I always like to carry around hand cream, so this one from Bubble T cosmetics is going to be my new handbag essential.

Steve Laurant Total Repair Lip Mask

Steve Laurant Total Repair Lip Mask

Over the years I have tried many kinds of face masks, however this was my first time trying a lip mask. This lip mask from Steve Laurant is designed to bring a burst of hydration to the lips and instantly soothes and revitalises dry, cracked lips. With consistent use, apparently the lip mask can reduce the appearance of fine lines! As soon as I applied the mask it felt cooling on my lips, I also had a slight tingling sensation but this wasn’t painful. The mask is similar to the Pixi undereye patches, if you are familiar with those. I wasn’t sure how long to leave the mask on for, neither the packet or the Glossybox booklet indicated this, so I left it on for around 10-15 minutes. I wasn’t that impressed with the mask really, I’d expect you’d need to do this multiple times per week to reep the benefits.

Glow on 5th Rose Gua Sha

Glow on 5th Rose Gua Sha

In all honesty, I have always thought these little devices are a bit of a gimmick product, and currently, I still do. The Rose Gua Sha by Glow on 5th is a facial massage tool, designed to enhance your features and relieve tight muscles. It does feel really nice to massage my face, but I’m not sure how much of an effect this is having on my skin, other than making it a little red. I still want to continue to use the Gua Sha to see if I notice a difference after a few weeks/months of daily use, but for now I haven’t seen any results.

Overall, I really liked the majority of the products in the February 2021 Glossybox. However, out of the two I have received so far, I feel as though the January 2021 Glossybox was a better fit for me. I am going to continue with my subscription for a couple more months to see if Glossybox is worth it. My favourite products this month are the Avant Lip Scrub and the Bubble T Peach Bellini hand cream. What did you think of the February 2021 Glossybox?

Until Another Day x

21 thoughts on “February 2021 Glossybox Review”

  1. I love the design of this box. You’ve received some lovely items. I used to love getting Glossybox each month. I ended up stopping my subscription because I found I was getting quite a few products that I just wasn’t using.

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  2. This box is cute. Also It’s so interesting to see what you said about the lip mask. I’ve tried one once and thought to myself it was absolutely pointless and it wouldn’t stick, I had to hold on to it as it kept falling – so I wondered: Is the only way to do this laying on a bed facing the ceiling and not moving? Defo not for me!

    Ana C,

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