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The Original Soap Brow – West Barn Co Review

Guest Post

Hi everyone, I’m Lauren from Wool of the King and I’m really excited to be writing for Kelly’s blog. As I don’t write as much about beauty as I’d like to, it’s really great to be reviewing a makeup product.

Since the first lockdown, I haven’t bothered wearing much makeup and have been embracing the natural look. That is mainly because I don’t have anywhere to go, and it feels like I’m wasting makeup if I wear it and stay at home.

Even when I’m not going anywhere or seeing anyone, I like to keep my brows tidy. I have been using the same Maybelline brow pencil since school and I haven’t really used anything else. Over recent months, I have seen a lot of people using The Original Soap Brow product from West Barn Co, so I thought I’d try it out. It retails on BeautyBay for £12.50 and it comes with a spoolie brush.

The Original Soap Brows

For best results, I’d recommend using a facial mist/spray so it isn’t as dry. That way, it will apply better. My brow hairs can be quite unruly, and Soap Brows are great at sticking them in place. Also, only a small amount is required, so I can tell this product is going to last a long time.

There are other similar products on the market, which are a lot cheaper than Soap Brows. I’ve seen people use the Pear’s Amber soap from Boots which retails for just £1.20 for 2 soaps. So it all depends on how much you are willing to spend. I haven’t actually tried a cheaper version like the Pear’s soap, but I’ve seen people use it on TikTok and their eyebrows look fab.

Although I’m yet to try another version of Soap Brows, the results don’t look too different. I would really recommend Soap Brows, but I would encourage people to try cheaper versions first, as they often give similar results.

This product stays on my eyebrows all day and keeps them in place, giving the desired effect. I’m really glad I got to try Soap Brows because I’ve been wanting to for quite a while now.

If you’d like to read more beauty content from me then you can see all of my favourite autumnal eyeshadows on my blog!

What beauty products have you tried recently?

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