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Glossybox June 2021 Review

June is finally here, the weather is brighter and warmer and so is my mood! I can’t believe we are 6 months into 2021 already, time seems to be going quicker then ever before. A new month brings with it a new GLOSSYBOX review. The theme of June 2021’s GLOSSYBOX is ‘Dreaming of Paradise’, which I’m sure all of us are doing right now. GLOSSYBOX had a golden ticket campaign this month, kinda like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. If you received a golden ticket, you could have won a new summer wardrobe from I Saw It First, unfortunately I was one of the unlucky ones and didn’t get a golden ticket. Anyway, lets get into the review!

The Beauty Crop Oui Cherie Lip Oil – Sacrebleu

he Beauty Crop Oui Cherie Lip Oil - Sacrebleu

I have wanted to try a lip oil for so long now, so I was very pleased to find one in my June GLOSSYBOX. I vaguely remember hearing of The Beauty Crop many years ago, but this was my first time trying one of their products. The Oui Cherie Lip Oil felt very hydrating on the lips, it was super glossy without feeling sticky or tacky. Upon first inspection of the lip oil, I assumed it would appear clear on the lips, however it actually develops into a pink shade. I’m a fan of the lip oil itself, however the colour isn’t the most flattering on me. Layering the lip oil over the top of a lipstick makes it a little more wearable.

Nip & Fab Vitamin C Scrub Fix

Nip & Fab Vitamin C Scrub Fix

My skin adores vitamin C, it always looks a lot brighter whenever I use it. I’ve tried a couple of Nip & Fab products over the years and I do really like them. The Vitamin C Scrub Fix contains vitamin C (obviously), coffee seed extract and coconut oil to help cleanse and nourish the skin. Apparently these ingredients are also amazing for reducing fine lines and wrinkles too! I really like this face scrub, the exfoliating particles aren’t too harsh on the skin, but still leave the skin looking fresher and less dry. I don’t often use physical exfoliators on my face, I usually opt for chemical exfoliants, but this certainly makes a nice change. Personally, I wouldn’t use a physical exfoliator every day, but this does feel gentle enough for every day use.

Mitchell & Peach English Leaf Body Oil

Mitchell & Peach English Leaf Body Oil

I have never actually tried a body oil before, I always reach for body lotions or butters. The English Leaf body oil from Mitchell & Peach contains almond oil and vitamin E which is supposed to leave the skin feeling soft. It is described as smelling of ‘freshly cut meadow grass’, which I have to disagree with, it smells more like a herbal tea to me. I found the oil to make my skin feel a little on the greasy side, it seemed to take hours to sink into my skin properly. I much prefer using a lotion to moisturise my skin, as they tend to fast absorbing. I wouldn’t go out of my way to pick this up again, but I won’t let my experience stop me from sampling body oils in the future.

Cetraben Cream

Cetraben Cream

I was over the moon to discover a cream specifically for eczema prone skin. I often suffer with eczema quite severely, mainly on my hands and face, I have to use prescription steroid creams occasionally. Cetraben Cream will hydrate, soothe and repair dry skin, it also helps to protect the skin against irritants. I’ve been testing this cream out during my evening skincare routine as it’s on the thicker side. I wake up with super plump and hydrating skin, which is great when having eczema flare ups. I would definitely purchase this again to calm inflamed skin.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Blush

Batiste Dry Shampoo Blush

Batiste has always been my go-to dry shampoo brand, I usually go for the tinted Dry Shampoo for dark hair to help avoid a white cast in my hair. The Blush scent smells so nice (it contains lily, peony and freesia, so very floral) and it helps to make my hair look fresher in between washing. I don’t like to use too much of this particular version because it can leave visible white residue. The deluxe mini received in GLOSSYBOX would make the perfect travel friendly size.

KIND Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Bar

I think my favourite product in July’s GLOSSYBOX has to be the Nip & Fab Vitamin C Scrub Fix, followed by a close second of the Cetraben cream. This months GLOSSYBOX also included a little treat, I received the KIND Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Bar which was really tasty. It was a lovely little surprise addition to the box.

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