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Elf Poreless Putty Primer Review

On a recent trip to Florida, see my post about this here, I picked up some new makeup including the Elf Poreless Putty Primer. Before purchasing, I’d heard a bunch of influencers comparing this to the Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer. Although I’ve never tried the latter, I wanted to try it’s inexpensive counterpart and test it out on my oily/combo skin.

Upon first impressions I was surprised by the texture and consistency of this primer. It’s unusual and pretty unqiue, it’s not like any other primer I’ve used before. I wouldn’t describe it as a ‘putty’ but it’s definitely different.

When applying, I focus the product in the centre of my face, paying particular care and attention to my nose, where my pores can be most emphaised. This primer is very hydrating, which had me a little worried at first, because of my skin type.

Over the top I apply foundation or a bb cream, I was really pleased that the primer didn’t effect the way my foundation looked, it didn’t seem to add any extra dewiness to the skin. My skin felt hydrated but wasn’t oily or shiny looking which is an added bonus.

I typically wear my makeup for around 8 hours, by the end of the day the natural oils of my skin creep to the surface but the primer had no effect in that regard. Thankfully my face didn’t turn into an oily cakey mess, like I had imagined in the first instance.

Overall I’m really impressed with the Elf Poreless Putty Primer and will continue to use it on an everyday basis. It’s too early to tell if I’d repurchase again in the future, but I’m sure I’ll update you all in an Empties post further down the line. Have you tried this primer, what are your thoughts?

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20 thoughts on “Elf Poreless Putty Primer Review”

  1. I wear little to no makeup most days, but I have been wanting to try some new things. My wedding is coming up and it will be outdoors. This looks like a product I should try. Thanks for the info.

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  2. Like you, I gave this primer a go because of the comparison to the high-end Tatcha product. While I haven’t tried Tatcha’s – so, therefore, have no way to truly compare them – I have been super impressed with this particular primer. I like that it helps keep my oil at bay all day!

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  3. I’m a total combo skin girl too. So it’s good to hear that it doesn’t add shine. I also have quite visible pores, so this seems like a good one for me to try!

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  4. Well firstly i don’t wear makeup and this review about the primer is really adding to my list cause i‘ve been addicted to wear makeup but since i don’t even know how, this could be little of help to try it later. Thanks ✨

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