Decorating My Home Office with Poster Store

AD – Decorating my first home has been an absolute dream of mine for as long as I can remember. I’ve created countless Pinterest boards for specific rooms around my house, filled with home decor ideas. In June of this year, I finally got the keys to my first home. So decorating and renovating has taken over my life and become my number one priority. A gallery wall is something I have always wanted to design and bring to life in my house. I think it adds a personal touch to the room, and creates a cosy, lived in atmosphere. When creating my gallery wall, I wanted to gather my prints from one site, rather than shopping around various online shops. This is where Poster Store come in! I was kindly gifted some of their posters and frames, and chose designs that I thought would compliment my home office/makeup room.

My home office is quite neutral, I didn’t want overbearing bright colours. Despite being an office, I wanted it to have a chic yet relaxing ambience, whilst also creating a chilled work friendly vibe. The posters I chose helped me to achieve this perfectly and take me to a place of calm, simply by admiring them. I had a bare wall above my desk for a few months, and the pictures have definitely brought some warmth and personality to the room.

Poster Store have a large selection of Scandinavian design prints and frames at affordable price points. Their website contains gallery wall inspiration, perfect for if you’re struggling to imagine the theme/lay out. Poster store have a wide variety of prints to suit your taste, including nature, illustrations, quotes and fashion. They also release a new poster collection every Tuesday! Not only are the images beautifully composed, all of their posters are printed on sustainably sourced high-quality paper.

One line art No1 Illustration
One Line Art No1 – Poster Store

The first image is the Poster Store One Line Art No1 Illustration. I have always loved and admired one line drawings, I think there’s something so beautiful about them. I selected the A4 size and went with an Oak Frame, to compliment my office interior.

Birds by the beach print
Birds by the Beach – Poster Store

The second image takes me to a place of tranquillity, if only I could teleport through the print! This is the Birds by the Beach poster. I adore spending time of the beach when on holiday, something which I haven’t done for a few years now. The sensation of warm sands in between my toes and the cooling sea breeze is my idea of bliss.

Golden Moon Phases Print
Golden Moon Phases – Poster Store

The final poster I chose is the Golden Moon Phases. I am obsessed with space and star gazing, so having a Moon print was an absolute must for me. This image encapsulates my personality, and makes my imagination go wild, with the wonders of our universe.

I had so much fun choosing the images on the Poster Store website, I think I genuinely spent hours deciding what I wanted. I am beyond happy with how the wall art has turned out, and would highly recommend using Poster Store to decorate your home. The prints and frames are affordable, yet excellent quality, with a wide variety of styles to choose from. Poster Store have kindly given me a discount code for you to go 55% off on all posters (except Selection Posters and frames). Use code: UNITLANOTHERDAY55 at checkout (not affiliate). Not combined with other discount campaigns. Valid until 10th January.

Until Another Day x