Christakis Review – Greek & Mediterranean Cuisine

A review of one of Liverpool’s most iconic and well known Mediterranean restaurants, Christakis! Find out what I thought of my experience.

AD – Gifted Meal

Today’s post is for all those Liverpool City dwellers out there, or those looking for a restaurant recommendation for an up and coming trip. I was kindly invited down to Christakis in Aigburth a few weeks ago to try their menu, the meal was gifted, however all opinions are my own.

If you aren’t from Liverpool, or the surrounding areas, then you are unlikely to have heard of Christakis. First and foremost, Christakis is a well-known, borederline famous, Greek restuarant across two sites in Liverpool. One of the restaurants is located in the heart of the city centre on Duke Street, and the other on Aigburth Road (the restaurant I was invited down to). Christakis also has a residency in the Baltic Market, located in the Baltic Triangle area of the city.

Christakis is the perfect setting for any special occasion, with weekend belly dancing shows in the Duke Street restaurant you will most definitely be entertained.

What did I order?


Hummus (v/gf) – Creamed chickpeas with tahini, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and garlic. Served with a side of warm fresh bread.

Spinach Pie (v) – Greek savoury filo pastry filled with spinach, onions, herbs and feta cheese.


Chicken Kebab – Skewers of marinated pieces of tender chicken. Served with chips, rice and salad.

Kleftico (gf) – Shoulder of lamb braised in the oven with tomatoes, onions, celery and herbs. Served with chips. rice and salad.


Baklava (v) Sweet filo pastry, filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup.

Christakis Aigburth Road Review

Greek/Mediterranean food is becoming one of my favourite cuisines at the moment, I have always loved it, but lately I just can’t get enough. Christakis encompasses my love for Greek food all under one roof, and will be one of my go to restaurants when I’m looking to satisfy my craving.


Hummus is a staple dish in my diet, I’m always purchasing it when I do the weekly food shop. Paired with pitta and veggies it’s the perfect starter or lunch time snack. I obviously had to get this on my visit to Christakis, and I was not disappointed. It was creamy and delicious, the warm bread was soft and accompanied the hummus really well.

The Spinach Pie was new to me, and I’m so glad I tried this out. The pastry was perfectly crispy, and the dish was super savoury, everything I love about a starter.

Spinach Pie

Believe me when I tell you that the Chicken Kebab was the nicest kebab I have ever eaten in my almost 26 years of life! I know that sounds dramatic, but it truly was a taste and texture sensation. The chicken was juicy, tender and flavoursome. I loved every mouthful and would get this dish again and again. If you go to Christakis, you MUST get this meal.

Chicken Kebab

My boyfriend decided on the Kleftico. Personally, Lamb isn’t a dish that I would usually opt for, however I had to give this a try and it was unreal! The meat literally fell of the bone, and the tomato based sauce was to die for!


This was my first time trying Baklava, and I am now fully obsessed! I can barely walk past a bakery without wanting to purchase a whole bunch of Baklava. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, then you probably wouldn’t enjoy this. However, as self confessed sweet lover, I adored every bite. It’s sticky, chewy and sweet, and is now one of my new favourite desserts.


If you have never visited Christakis before, then you need to get yourself down there ASAP. The food is incredible and the staff are wonderful. The staff made the experience even better by being attentive, giving food recommendations, polite, funny and charming. I can’t wait until my next meal at Christakis!

Until Another Day x

GPO – Liverpool’s Largest Food Hall – Review

I recently visited GPO Food Hall, situated in the heart of the City Centre within Liverpool’s Met Quarter. I wanted to share my experience to give you some itinerary inspiration for your next visit to Liverpool!

*Photo by Carl Raw on Unsplash*

I’ve decided to start blogging more about my city, and the places to visit. Liverpool is a city that should be celebrated for its rich culture and vibrancy. Liverpool often gets a bad a name in the press, but I honestly don’t know why. It’s no more crime stricken that any other city in the country, and is full of friendly warm faces, ready to help wherever they can.

I recently visited GPO Food Hall, situated in the heart of the City Centre within Liverpool’s Met Quarter, with direct access on Victoria Street. When GPO opened it’s door I was desperate to get down there, and in January I finally did. GPO features 11 different independent kitchens, with over 400 dishes to choose from. The menu’s encompass different cuisines from around the world. There is definitely something to tantalise everyone’s taste buds, even the fussy eaters!

The Food Hall is decorated in a modern style, with plants and greenery throughout. I wish I had taken some photographs of the interior, as it’s so beautifully presented. GPO also doubles up as an office space. At just £5 you will have access to unlimited coffee, discounts on all retailers, power outlets for laptop chargers, and no obligation to spend to stay. That sounds like a great deal, I’d love to take advantage of it one day.

The ordering system in GPO is perfect. Each table has a QR code to scan, which takes you to an online ordering app. You can pay by card and the food/drink will be delivered to your table as soon as it’s ready. You even earn points when you spend, to instantly get discounts on the traders, I thought this was a great idea.

When I visited GPO, we ordered from 3 traders in total. I’d love to go back this year to sample the goods from the other traders too, as they all looked and sounded delicious!

Jailbird Fried Chicken

Jail Bird Fried Chicken

The first meal we opted for was from Jailbird. Jailbird serve up Nashville Fried Chicken with your choice of heat level. The meal we went with was the Large Boneless Meal for £11, this includes: 3 chicken strips, 2 thighs on sliced bread with pickles and a side of waffle fries. I picked the hot heat level, but there wasn’t much heat at all really, I didn’t find it spicy and neither did my boyfriend. Despite the lack of spice, the chicken was still full of flavour, crispy and tasty. The waffle fries were actually my favourite part of the meal, it took me back to eating Chick-Fil-A in Texas a few years ago. I thought the addition of the sliced bread was a little unusual, so didn’t end up eating it, but I suppose you could make a fried chicken sandwich out of it.

Hee Kee

The previous meal was very filling, but we still wanted to sample the goods from some other traders. My boyfriend and I are obsessed with Chinese food, rice tends to be the staple ingredient in our diets! We decided on some Dim Sum plates and shared them between us. We had Crispy Vegetable Spring Rolls, Sesame Prawn Toast, and BBQ Pork Buns (Char Sui Buns). The Prawn Toast was the star of the show, it was genuinely the best Prawn Toast I have ever eaten! It was the perfect ratio of everything, 2 slices weren’t enough, I’d have devoured the whole plate if I had no self control! The BBQ Pork Buns were sweet and savoury, just how I like them. I’d definitely try some of Hee Kee’s other dishes, as they all sounded incredible. 10/10 from me!

ICE Desserts

ICE Milk Chocolate and Strawberry Crepe
Milk Chocolate and Strawberry Crepe

I am a massive dessert lover, I love anything chocolatey and sweet. I couldn’t resist and just had to have a Milk Chocolate and Strawberry Crepe, after spotting another diners order. The melted chocolate was warm and delicious, and completely satisfied my sweet tooth. ICE also have an array of Ice Cream Sundaes, Brownies, Blondies and Milkshakes too.

The GPO Bar

The bar at GPO has a variety of drinks, including plenty of draught beers, cocktails and spirits. We did notice that the beers are not pints, so bare that in mind for pricing when ordering. Unfortunately the drinks menu doesn’t appear to be available online in full, so I can’t list the cocktails that I had, but both were really good.

Overall, my experience at GPO was perfect. I’d love to go back again and try some different food and drink. The atmosphere was great, full of laughter and chatter. Staff were attentive and friendly, and the overall surroundings were very classy. If you’re unsure on what you fancy for tea, give GPO a try, because I’m sure there will be something you’ll love.

Other traders include:

Chit ‘N’ Chaat – Indian street food

Konjö – Japanese street food

Hee Thai Sawadee – Thai street food

Carousel Cheese Co. Liverpool’s first rotating cheese carousel (think Yo! Sushi but with Cheese!!)

Nama – Fresh Fish

Patty B’s Burgers Dirty Burgers

Monkeyboard Coffee – Fresh Coffee

ALS Gongcha – Authentic Taiwanese ‘Bubble Tea’

The next time you’re in Liverpool, don’t forget to add GPO to your itinerary!

Until Another Day x

New Belgian Bar Arrives in Liverpool – Belgica

Welcome to Belgica! A new Belgian Bar in the heart of Liverpool City Centre. I was invited along to their launch party, read on to see what all the fuss is about!

Bit of a different post from me today, and something I’m super excited to be sharing. If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know I’m a Liverpool gal through and through! I’m so proud to be from one of the best cities in the UK, you could even say patriotic.

Liverpool has a plethora of bars and restaurants throughout the city and the suburbs, but, as far as I’m aware, has never had a Belgian bar…up until now that is.

Belgica Interior
The stunning interior!

I introduce you to Belgica, the newest addition to Liverpool’s nightlife! Situated on the heart of Wood Street, next to FACT Cinema, Belgica is worth it for the vibes alone, not just for their drinks. I was lucky enough to be invited to their launch party, ahead of their grand opening. The venue is split across two levels, with a relaxed Brussels beer bar atmosphere upstairs and a medieval Bruges vibe club downstairs called the ‘Monastery of Sound’, Belgica will transport visitors to the beer-loving nation from which the venue takes its inspiration.

Cosmopolitan Cocktail
Cosmopolitan Cocktail

The launch party was filled with laughter, drunken dancing, tasty food and speciality drinks, making for a party centric, yet mellow atmosphere. If you’re looking for somewhere to have an enjoyable, and lively night out, then Beligica will tick all of the boxes.

Beef Burger

From mid-December, the full food menu will be available. Including luscious Steak Frites, delectable Ham and Gouda Croquettes, and not to mention, heavenly Belgian Waffles for dessert. We were served some sample dishes at the event, including a Beef Burger, Anti Pasti platter, the Croquettes and a delightful Biscoff Waffle. My taste buds were overwhelmed by the exquisite food and I was left wanting more.

Anti-Pasti Platter
Anti-Pasti Platter
Biscoff Waffle
Biscoff Waffle

Belgica has a wide range of Belgian Beers, including some scouse classics from Love Lane Brewery. Not into Beer? Fear not, there are plenty of cocktails, wine and spirts on the menu. The drinks are slightly more expensive than other places in Liverpool, but it’s unlikely you’ll such wide selection of Belgian beers under one roof, in another part of the city.


On the night, the staff were very attentive and helpful and not too shy to have a conversation at the bar with. Service was relatively quick and drinks were always flowing. Having spoken with other Liverpool Bloggers following the event, everyone was buzzing and are already planning their next visit, myself included!


I hope my review has convinced you to visit Belgica on your next visit into the city centre. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed and will have an evening to remember.

Until Another Day x

Restaurants to Visit in Liverpool

To put it bluntly, I eat out A LOT! I visit restaurants at least once or twice a week. Here are my top 5 must visit restaurants in Liverpool!

To put it bluntly, I eat out A LOT! I visit restaurants at least once or twice a week (although not at the moment), whether that be in the city centre or a local pub. I thought it only fitting to write a blog post on some of my favourite restaurants in Liverpool that I think everyone should visit.

1. Yard and Coop – Hanover Street

Yard and Coop Liverpool, Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea

I am a sucker for junk food, so when Yard and Coop arrived in Liverpool how could I have missed the opportunity to grab a plateful of deliciousness. Yard and Coop specialise in buttermilk fried chicken, piled high on a massive burger or smothered with sauce on top of fries, they have it all. They also have a ‘Dirty Afternoon Tea’ option available, which I was lucky enough to try out on my Birthday last year, courtesy of my boyfriend! Not only is the food to die for, but the decor is really unique! They have booths available which replicate chicken coops, and a giant mural of chickens crossing the road, similar to that of the classic Beatles Abbey Road album cover.

2. Bundobust – Bold Street

Bundobust Liverpool Combo for two. Veggie Indian Street Food
Combo for 2

Veggie’s rejoice, this one is perfect for you. Situated on Liverpool’s iconic Bold Street, you’re sure to enjoy this Indian street food feast. They offer various combo deals for 2, 4 or 6-8 people, or you can simply order any of their dishes individually. We ordered the combo for two, this consisted of Bhajis, Bundo Chaat, Paneer Tikka, Tarka Dhal & rice and finally Masala Dosa. We also ordered a side Bhatura (deep fried Indian Flatbread 😍). Bundobust don’t use any plastic cutlery and everything is made of recyclable materials ♻!!

3. Cuthberts Bakehouse – Mount Pleasant

Cuthberts Liverpool

Located in close proximity to the Knowledge Quarter, this quaint cafe has everything you could wish for. Cuthberts serves freshly baked cakes and pastries daily, available to take away or sit inside. They serve up a variety of different afternoon teas, varying from the classic to their New York afternoon tea (featuring minature cheeseburgers and french fries). The last time I visited was in January, so I opted for a Brie and Crandberry toastie, I wanted to clutch onto the last of the Chrismtas festivities.

Brie and Crandberry Toastie at Cuthberts Liverpool
Brie & Crandberry Toastie

4. Death Row Diner – Hope Street

Cheese and Bacon Burger at Death Row Diner Liverpool
Bacon Double Burger

I am completely obsessed with burgers, I’m a bit of a connoisseur. I’ve tried many burgers over the years, therefore I can hand on heart say that Death Row Diner cook up the absolute best burgers. They not only look amazing but they taste delicious. The burgers also have the cute addition of a lollipop in the bun instead of your typical skewer. They don’t only serve burgers but loaded Tater Tots and huge sandwiches. Veggie and vegan’s fear not, they also have options for you too. If you think you can handle a starter, I’d recommend ordering the Deep Fried Lasagna Bites they are amazing but super filling, you have been warned!

5. Six by Nico Liverpool 

Beef Ragu at Six by Nico Liverpool
New York Menu – Beef Ragu

I’ve visited Six twice since its opening in November 2019 and I have a more in depth review of my experience here. I love how unique this restuarant is, 6 courses and the menu changes every 6 weeks. Due to the coronavirus all of our beloved bars and restaurants are closed, but Six are offering a 4 course tasting menu to enjoy at home. The menu is changing every week and pre-orders open Friday mornings at 9am.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my top 5 restaurants to visit in Liverpool. Although we have a while to go before we can venture out for some well earned food and drink, I’ve enjoyed reminiscing on the places I know and love. Where do you love to eat in Liverpool?

Until Another Day x

Six by Nico Liverpool – New York Menu

Recently I visited one of Liverpool’s hostest new restaurants. Check out my thoughts on Six by Nico’s New York tasting menu!

So this post is definitely a bit different to my usual content, however I want to expand my horizons and incorporate some lifestyle type posts to my blog.

Six by Nico is a new restaurant located on North John Street in Liverpool which opened at the back end of 2019. Six has 5 restaurants in the UK & Ireland these can be found in Manchester, Edinburgh, Belfast and Glasgow, the latter being the first to open. This restaurant isn’t your typical eatery, the menu consists of 6 themed tasting courses with the theme changing every 6 weeks. The themes across the different restaurants have so far been Guilty Pleasures, Thai Street Food, The Chippie and even Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

In Liverpool, the January-February theme is New York. New York is my favourite city I have ever visited so I was over the moon to hear that a whole menu was designed around the Big Apple’s culinary delights. The food menu is a set price of £29pp with the option to include a wine pairing with each course for an additional £26pp. I’m not a fan of wine so I didn’t add this to my meal. This weekend my boyfriend and I went on a little date night to Six so I thought I’d share our thoughts on each course. Please bare in mind that this is a tasting menu, so the portions are designed to be small and à la carte.

Course 1 – Beef Burger Doughnuts

Tomato Ketchup / American Mustard

Burger Doughnut

The first course was absolutely delicious. The burger was encased in a doughnut like bread, the bread was sweet similar to that of a Bao Bun, but slightly crisp on the outside. It tasted exactly like a beef burger and the addition of Ketchup and Mustard was a much loved bonus.

Course 2 – Eggs Benedict

Smoked Ham Hough Terrine / Brown Butter Hollandaise / Quail Egg

Eggs Benedict

I really enjoyed this course. The ham terrine was so tasty and was complimented well the with hollandaise sauce. I don’t usually like hollandaise sauce, but this tasted completely different and wasn’t like the conventional yellow sauce. To accompany this dish there was a little breadcrumb encrusted ball, the menu didn’t say what this was, but from the taste I’m guessing it was black pudding.

Course 3 – Little Italy

Beef Ragu / Saffron Pappardelle / Parmesan Espuma

Beef Ragu

Wow, what a little treat this was! I could have eaten an entire plate full of this pasta. The Beef Ragu was served alongside a delectable Parmesan foam, that once mixed in with the pasta added a wonderful cheesiness to the dish. Although the portion was small, it was extremely rich in flavour and had me struggling to finish the remaining 3 courses.

Course 4 – Sweetcorn Chowder (vg)

Roasted Corn / Potato Terrine / Squash Dumplings / Lemon Gel

Sweetcorn Chowder

I am not a seafood fan at all, but at Six you are able to switch out individual dishes for the vegetarian option. I opted for the Sweetcorn Chowder for this one instead. Out of all the courses this one was the one that I least enjoyed, I just didn’t like the texture and taste of the squash dumplings, it was really unusual. I loved the potato terrine and would have happily eaten another portion of this instead of the dumplings.

Course 5 – Flatiron Building

Smoked Flat Iron Steak / Jerusalem Artichoke / Lovage Emulsion / Brisket Croquette


I love a good steak, I typically have my steak cooked medium, but this slice was a lot rarer than I would normally go for. We were originally asked when ordering if this was okay, to which I agreed, however I kind of wish I’d asked if mine could be cooked a little longer. The Brisket Croquette was my favourite part of this dish it wasn’t too crispy and the beef inside was cooked wonderfully.

Course 6 – The Big Apple

New York Cheesecake / Apple Compote / Pecan & Oat Granola


And last but definitely not least, the star of the show! This dessert didn’t look anything like your traditional cheesecake, it resembled an apple almost perfectly. The Apple Compote was particularly tart but combined with the sweetness of the cheesecake was a perfect taste bud explosion.

I really love the concept of Six by Nico, it’s a nice alternative to going to the same restaurant and picking the same meal each time. It allows you to try different foods that you wouldn’t necessarily chose.  This is my second time at Six and it definitely won’t be my last.

Until Another Day x

Please note – this wasn’t a gifted experience.