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Jewellery is the beating heart of every fashionista’s wardrobe. Jewellery makes an outfit go from drab to fab, and it doesn’t need to break the bank either. Luxury jewellery isn’t always expensive, you can find beautiful high-quality pieces without the designer price tag. Enter the world of Slide Jewels.

About the Brand

Slide Jewels are a premium Jewellery brand. All of their jewellery is made from stainless steel and 18k gold plating. This means the pieces will not tarnish or become discoloured when wet, so are guaranteed to stay in tip top condition for years, (their rings are made of brass, so take care when washing your hands). Finding jewellery either for yourself of a loved one is often a difficult task; however, Slide Jewels have a large range of Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets and Earrings making your search for the perfect piece easier than ever. With gold and silver options, you will find plenty of gorgeous jewels to add to your jewellery box.

Not only do Slide Jewels have the most beautiful Jewellery, they are also helping to reduce their carbon footprint by using cardboard packaging instead of plastic. The simplest change can have a huge impact on helping our planet.

As you all know, there are subscription services for just about everything, from makeup to pets, there is something for everyone. Slide Jewels have their very own monthly Jewellery subscription box, how fab does that sound! The HONEY monthly jewellery box is £39.99 per month and is delivered straight to your door every 30 days. Each box contains an item of gold or silver plated jewellery, typically a bracelet or necklace. The packaging is reusable, and the jewels are supposed to come with a certificate of authenticity, so you know you are receiving genuine gold. Subscription boxes always feel like you’re getting a present every month, you could either treat yourself, or gift the HONEY box to your friend. Slide Jewels also have a ring monthly subscription box, called BABY. These are limited in stock so are very popular among jewellery fanatics.


The Review

The quality of the jewellery is lovely, the pieces feel and look a lot more expensive than they actually are. One of my favourite items is the snake ring, it has beautiful green jewels for the eyes, and a sleek gold body. I don’t believe you can choose the size of the ring, my hands are quite small, but the ring only fits comfortably on my ring finger, it would be a bit of a squeeze on any of my other fingers.

I think Slide Jewels would make the perfect present for a loved one, especially with Mother’s Day just around the corner here in the UK. Their ‘More Self Love’ engraved necklace is stunning, along with their choker necklace. They could be layered together or worn alone, both options would look really elegant.

I pride myself in being honest with my readers, so I must admit that shipping was very slow. After looking online, this seems to be an issue that a lot of buyers have experienced. Therefore, I’d bare this in mind if you see something you’d like, plan your purchase well in advance of an event or occasion so your order arrives on time.

Overall, I’m obsessed with all of the jewellery I’ve received and couldn’t fault the quality. I shared an unboxing reel over on my Instagram, which gives you an insight into everything from the packaging to the jewellery itself. Are you gravitating towards any of the pieces?

Until Another Day x


22 thoughts on “Slide Jewels – Luxury Affordable Jewellery”

  1. Ooh these pieces are so beautiful! It’s fab to hear that they’re such good quality pieces and the idea of the subscription box is so unique and something I’ll definitely have to look into. Thanks for sharing x

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  2. These are some stunning pieces and I love that they do not tarnish when wet. That is a major struggle I deal with especially because I love gold jewelry so much. I also think it’s cool that you can receive these through a monthly subscription. Thank you so much for sharing!

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  3. Omg I’ve been looking to invest in good quality gold jewelry and this subscription sounds awesome! I love the chain and have been looking for something like it! Thank you for sharing and being honest about the shipping. It’s a good heads up in case we want to order for a special occasion.

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