The Best Christmas Movies on Netflix

I may be a little late to the party with Christmas content this year, so I’m quickly thrashing out a festive post to grace your feeds. This year I’ve been watching a bunch of Christmas movies to get myself in the festive spirit, particularly on Netflix. If you’re anything like me, I can take hours to decide which film to watch, to the point where I won’t end up watching anything at all. However, I’ve decided not to be as picky this year with my movie choices, and have watched whatever I thought might appeal.

I have put together a quick round up of festive movies to watch on Netflix this Christmas, which are sure to get you in the seasonal spirit. The list is in no particular order by the way!

1. The Holiday

I know, I know, The Holiday is on every Christmas movie recommendation list. But I watched it again a couple of weeks ago, and completely fell in love with the characters and story all over again. I mentioned this in a Christmas movie round-up last year too. It’s such a great festive feel-good rom-com that never fails to give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. It’s such a well thought out and quirky movie, that I just had to add. No movie Christmas list would be complete without The Holiday.

2. Holidate

I watched this movie for the first time last week and laughed out loud throughout. The story follows Emma Roberts as Sloane and Luke Bracey as Jackson, who start off as complete strangers. They decide to become each others Holidate for the year, meaning any holiday e.g. valentines day, St. Patricks Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas etc. they will spend it together, to avoid being alone. I won’t give too much away, but the plot is hysterical, crude and hopelessly romantic, so is perfect to watch over Christmas.

3. Love Hard

A new Netflix Original movie with Nina Dobrev as the main star. It was strange seeing Nina portraying anyone other than Elena Gilbert and her doppelgangers in the Vampire Diaries, but is definitely a must watch! Nina is a dating blogger for an online magazine and shares her disastrous dates with her following. She meets a young, handsome guy on a dating app, and after a couple of weeks of chatting, she decides to surprise him for Christmas. However, to her astonishment, she has been catfished! After some convincing, Nina agrees to pretend to date the guy who catfished her for the the festive period, so he can impress his family. Similar to the Holidate, I laughed on so many occasions and the movie just put me in a great mood. This will be on my movie watch list for years to come!

4. Last Christmas

If you love Wham’s iconic Christmas song, Last Christmas, then you will certainly enjoy the movie with the same name. The film features multiple George Michael classics throughout, with him being the main antagonists favourite musician. Last Christmas is set in the heart of London (no pun intended…if you’ve watched the movie, you’ll no what I mean), where a young girl works in an all-year round Christmas store dressed as an Elf, meets a handsome mysterious stranger. The cast includes Emilia Clarke, Henry Golding and Emma Thompson.

5. The Princess Switch

I watched this movie last year, followed by The Princess Switch (Switched Again), however I wouldn’t bother watching the latter, it’s terrible. The movie features Vanessa Hudgens as the main character(s), she plays 2 different people. Stacey DeNovo is a budding young baker who is entered into a baking competition in the Kingdom of Belgravia. During the trip, Stacey bumps into Lady Margaret Delacourt, who looks identical to her. Margaret suggests they switch lives for a couple of days, so she can take a break from the spotlight. I won’t go into much more detail, but I think I’ve covered the main plot here. I really enjoyed this movie, and might give the third film a try, but I don’t have high hopes as the second movie was awful.

6. Jack Frost

Jack Frost is a classic Christmas movie that we all know and love. It’s heart warming and tear jerking, so if you’ve never seen the movie before, make sure to have some tissues to hand, as you’re in for an a rollercoaster of emotions. A young boy sadly loses his Dad in a tragic car accident, but over Christmas, his Dad’s spirit is reincarnated into a Snowman! This movie has so many fun elements to it, but can be upsetting in parts.

7. Love Actually

Another Christmas movie that is on the majority of people’s festive watch lists. However, it isn’t usually on mine. I watched Love Actually many moons ago, but never understood the hype. I decided to give it another go this Christmas, to see if my opinion had changed… and it actually, sorry, has! I enjoyed it a lot more than when I first watched it, I certainly wouldn’t say it was my favourite Christmas movie, but it’s made it on to future lists!

And there you have it, a quick list of must watch festive movies for your Christmas break, all found on Netflix. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and 2022 is a much better year for us all!

Until Another Day x

17 thoughts on “The Best Christmas Movies on Netflix”

  1. Last Christmas is one of my favs ever! All of these are brilliant movies. You just can’t beat a good Christmas film on the lead up to Christmas. Always puts me in the festive spirit! Thank you so much for sharing Xo

    Elle –

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes to all of these! I actually watched Last Christmas twice in the past week, I love it so much. The Holiday is my favourite but I’ve seen all of these!


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