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How to Care for Pale Skin in the Sun

The warmer months have finally arrived! This is welcomed news for many, however if you have fair skin, which burns easily, you may not be too pleased. Do you struggle with sun burn in the summer? Or do you simply not tan? I’m here today to provide you with some tips to care for pale skin in the summer sunshine.

Nobody wants to get painful sunburn, prickly heat or skin peeling from sitting outside. Taking extra measures in your tanning routine can really help limit the chances of these things occurring. Being exposed to the sun for longer periods of time can have a massive impact throughout your life, the dangers of sunburn include premature wrinkling/ageing, increased risk of skin cancer. Once the damage is done to the skin, it is impossible to reverse. I am by no means trying to scare you, just simply laying out the facts, to encourage you to care for your skin. Over the years I have gotten sunburnt many times, including having sun stroke/heat stroke twice…both when I was much younger. I even got burnt badly last summer when I visited Cornwall.

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6 Tips for Caring for Pale/Fair Skin in the Summer

1. Use a high factor sun cream

Bondi Sands SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Lotion

This may seem like the obvious choice, but us pale skin people really should be using a factor 50+ sunscreen. For years I was using lower SPFs thinking I was more likely to tan, but that just wasn’t the case. When applying sun cream, make sure to top it up every 30 – 40 minutes of sun exposure, this will help maintain maximum protection. Use SPFs which are broad spectrum and protect against UVA and UVB rays. My current favourite suncreams are from Bondi Sands, I sat out in the sun for over 2 hours in 26 degree heat, topping up my cream regularly and I ended up with a sunkissed complexion, rather than burning,

2. Include SPF as part of your daily skincare routine

Bondi Sands Face SPF 50 + Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Lotion

Over the past 12 months I have noticed everyone trying to include SPF in the daily skincare routines, me being one of them. Adding this extra step will really help to protect the skin against sun damage and premature ageing. I have been using the Bondi Sands Face SPF 50+ Sunscreen Lotion most days, even when the sky is overcast, or raining! I have oily skin and this SPF works great underneath my makeup. I always use my trusty ELF Poreless Putty Primer over the top, and never have any issues with the primer and SPF splitting or pilling.

3. Don’t sit in the sun for prolonged periods of time

Photo by Ethan Robertson on Unsplash

Try to limit your sun exposure if you have fair skin. I understand that everyone wants to have a tan, but spending too much time in the sun can be harmful. If sunbathing in your garden, at a pool, or beach, make sure to have a shaded area easily available. When the sun is getting a tad too hot, you can take shelter in the shade to cool down. Still make sure to apply your sun cream in the shade though, the suns rays are very powerful.

4. Keep your head covered

Photo by 邱 严 on Unsplash

Make sure to have a cap or floppy hat to hand on a hot day. Hats will keep the sun out of your face and off your head, keeping you cooler and preventing scalp sunburn.

5. Don’t exfoliate your skin too often

Nobody wants dry cracked skin and it can be very tempting to over exfoliate our bodies to prevent this. However if you plan to sit out in the sun, don’t exfoliate all of the time. Exfoliation removes the top layer of skin, meaning it is more likely to burn. If you plan to exfoliate, make sure to regularly top up your sun cream, maybe more often than normal, to prevent burning,

6. Keep the skin hydrated with moisturiser and after sun

Mine Tan Rapid Recovery After Sun Gel

Caring for pale skin doesn’t stop when the sun goes in. After sun bathing, make sure to completely wash off any sun cream in the shower, this will prevent clogged pores. If using a facial SPF, double cleanse your skin with an oil/gel based cleanser, followed by your normal face wash. This will keep the skin clear and reduce the risk of breakouts. After the sunscreen has been completely washed away, go in with a thick hydrating moisturiser, or after sun if your skin is a little on the pink side. Lately, I’ve been using the Mine Tan Moisturzing After Sun Gel, which was in my May GLOSSYBOX and I love it! Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will also keep your skin in tip top condition.

I hope you found some new tips to help keep your skin safe this Summer. I swear by these steps, they have massively helped my skin and prevented sun burn over the past few weeks. Do you have any tips for protecting the skin against sunburn?

Until Another Day x


24 thoughts on “How to Care for Pale Skin in the Sun”

  1. Your suggestions are all great reminders how to care for our skin! I must say I’m not that great at aftersun skin care and I’ll be working on that this year! Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Great post! As someone with incredibly pale skin this was really helpful. I especially love your points about not exfoliating too much and wearing a hat – it sounds obvious but I made the mistake of not wearing a hat a couple of weeks ago and my burnt scalp has began to peel, which definitely isn’t a good look! Thanks for sharing x

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  3. I have pale skin, which leads me to favor pinks more than reds in my lipsticks, and sun is something that I have always struggled with. Love your advice on wearing a hat; I have a handful of straw sun-hats that I love and moisturizing often also helps a great deal.
    Thanks for sharing!

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  4. I have pale skin and a sun allergy, so quite the double whammy!

    Your tips are fantastic and I definitely do all of these too to stay safe in the sun. I think everyone should be doing this, even if they aren’t pale like us. All the stats around skin cancer are scary, so I’m surprised by how many people are careless in the sun. Surely a tan isn’t worth risking your health for! X

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  5. Brilliant tips! I have really pale skin and I burn super easily so I’m really paranoid when it comes to sun cream. Like you, I use facial SPF daily, it’s just not worth the risk! I honestly try to avoid the sun most of the time anyway, I get way too hot and bothered haha!

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    1. I don’t want to look old before my time so wearing a facial SPF is a must. I’m the same, I avoid the sun as much as I can, my body and the sun just don’t get along haha x


  6. I have pale skin so these tips are really useful – I tend to just stay the same colour, no burning or tanning aha! I’ve just realised recently that a hat is a summer essential for me x

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  7. Some great tips. I have pale skin and I am always good for tips to take care of it. I try to avoid the sun when it is at its highest point. Also I am always using the higher SPF on my skin. Thank you for sharing.

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