Christmas With Ktkinnes Christmas Tag

I am so excited to share this post for two reasons. One because this is my first time being involved in a Christmas tag post, and two because I had so much fun completing the questions, it really put me in the festive spirit. First and foremost, I would like to thank Katie from Life with Ktkinnes for not only allowing me to take part, but also for creating the tag.

The Christmas Tag Rules

  • Put on your favourite Christmas Playlist to listen to while answering
  • Have a Christmas drink and/or snack while writing
  • Thank the blogger who tagged you and link to their site
  • Answer the 10 original questions
  • Answer the questions set by whoever tagged you
  • Ask 2 questions of your own
  • Tag 6 bloggers to take part

The Original Questions

1. When do your decorations go up?

We never put our decorations up before December, it’s always the first or second weekend 🎄

2. Who is the Scrooge in your family or friendship group?

I genuinley don’t have anyone in my immediate family or friendship group that doesn’t enjoy Christmas. We always have a wonderful time and really enjoy the whole celebration.

3. If money were no object, how and where would you spend Christmas?

I would love to spend Christmas in a cosy log cabin, possibly in the Alps or anywhere that has guranteed snow fall at Christmas time. It would be amazing to spend a few days away with family and relax by a gorgeous log fire. A girl can always dream…

4. What Christmas film do you have to watch every festive season?

It’s got to be either ELF or Home Alone, they are both absolute classics that always make me feel festive. I actually have a blog post on my Top 10 Christmas Movies.

5. Who do you find the hardest to buy presents for?

Hmm this is a tough one, as the majority of the people I buy presents for are a nightmare to buy for. The main 3 are my boyfriend, my Dad and my boyfriends Dad… see they’re all men! I never know what to get them for Christmas or Birthday’s, they are definitely the most awkward people to find gifts for.

6. Would you rather buy lots of little presents for a hamper, or buy one big/main present?

I’d rather buy a few smaller gifts, because you can tailor them to the person you are buying for. It’s always nice to have a few things to open at Christmas, but a main present is a great idea too. I think it really depends on the receiver.

7. What did you leave out for Santa when you were a child?

I would always leave out a Mince Pie and an alcoholic drink (usually my dad’s favourite drink 😉). Of course I’d also leave a carrot for Rudolph.

8. Where did you spend last Christmas?

I spent it at home with my close immediate family. Mum, Dad, Nan, Aunties and Uncles and my gorgeous younger cousin Francesca.

9. Which Christmas song makes you cringe?

I am going to have to go with Mistletoe and Wine by Cliff Richard. I’m not sure what it is but I find it so creepy. Now I’ve got it stuck in my head haha!

10. If you could be a character in a holiday movie, who would you be and why?

I think I would love to simply be Santa Claus from The Santa Clause movie. How amazing would it be to fly on a sleigh around the world and deliver presents. Having reindeer’s as pets would be the best, they’re so cute!

Katie’s Questions

1. What is your favourite Christmas decoration in your house and why?

I wouldn’t really say I had a favourite decoration, but our Christmas tree always looks beautiful and makes the room feel so cosy. Unfortunatley this Christmas we don’t have anywhere to put our tree, so won’t be having one this year 😢. We are in the middle of getting an extension to the house so we don’t have the space.

2. Which celebrity would you most want as a friend, and what would you gift them for Christmas?

If my boyfriend reads this, then he will do a massive eye roll. It would have to be Harry Styles (he was my teen crush, I was a tad obsessed). I can imagine the conversations about his experiences and the people he has met to be so interesting. As for a Christmas gift, possibly a snazzy shirt, he’s always wearing crazy outfits, so an eye catching piece of clothing for sure.

I had so much fun answering the questions, the rules made it even more festive. I am going to tag the following 6 bloggers to take part, if they haven’t already: Rebecca Louise Blogs, Lucy Mary, Female Original, Bournemouth Girl, Jenny in Neverland and Planning with Em.

My two questions to you all are:

What is your favourite part of your Christmas Dinner?

What is the best Christmas present you have ever received?

If I haven’t tagged you, but you would love to tag part, please do let me know. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Until Another Day x

6 thoughts on “Christmas With Ktkinnes Christmas Tag”

  1. I loved reading your answers! I totally agree that one big present or a few little ones depends on the recipient. And my dad is by far the hardest person to buy for so I fully relate there – always the men, we usually struggle with my grandad too. Christmas in a snowy Alps cabin sounds like an absolute dream.

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