Where to Store Your Beauty Stash

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If you love beauty products, you probably have a large collection of items gathered over the years. Storage can be an issue, not just for the space needed but also because without good storage some products can have a short shelf life. If you’ve ever discovered a favourite perfume has ‘gone off’, or a moisturiser that now smells a little sour, you’ll know what I mean.

With proper storage, beauty products will last much longer, saving money and making sure you get every last drop of pleasure out of that little bottle or jar.

Keeping Makeup in Good Condition

Where you store makeup and beauty products is important for their longevity. You might not have thought of the fridge, but it’s actually good for some things.

Nail polish, for instance. It stays free-flowing and smooth for longer in the fridge. Eye products are lovely out of the fridge too. Not only is the product more refreshing when it’s cool, the coldness helps reduce puffiness quicker by constricting blood vessels.

Try to keep perfumes out of sunlight. They’ll stay fresh for longer in a closed cupboard or drawer, but if you love the look of the pretty bottles on display, choose a shady area of the room.

Make Room for New Products

Fashions and favourites come and go, with trends and colours returning over time. It’s a pity to throw away perfectly good makeup to make room for newer purchases.

If your beauty stash is taking over, consider self storage for items you’re not using right now. You can rent just a storage locker, although with a room you’ll also have more space to install shelves or cabinets to help keep your stash organised.

Keeping beauty products in self storage can also help to extend their shelf life since the rooms remain unlit when you’re not there. They’re also damp and pest-free, so provide an ideal storage environment for serious beauty collectors. If you’ve not considered this option before, take a look around your area. There is lots of self storage in Liverpool where I am, and sure to be where you are too.

Preparing Beauty Products for Storage

Many beauty products will last for years with the right storage. Some tips for the longest life include:

  • Making sure all the tops are properly screwed down
  • Stand bottles and tubes the right way up
  • Clean makeup residue off brushes or applicators before storing them
  • Check for any expiry dates before putting items into long term storage. The symbol of an open jar with a number indicates the number of months after the item is open that it’s safe to keep.
  • Check items in storage regularly to make sure everything is still in good condition. Far from being a chore, this is a lovely activity when you can rediscover old favourites you’ve completely forgotten about

Create a Pretty Display at Home

Storage shelf filled with beauty products

Once you’ve sorted your beauty products and decided which you need on hand and which can safely go longer term into a self storage unit, it’s time to get organised. Try these super display ideas:

  • Use a letter rack to display and organise palettes
  • Stack hair sprays and similar products in a wine rack
  • Use a magazine holder to corral straighteners, tongs and hair dryers
  • Cutlery trays are handy inside a drawer of your dressing table to hold pencils, brushes, lipsticks or combs and other smaller items
  • Use a revolving spice rack in the bathroom for easy access to cleansing products or shampoos and conditioners
  • If you’re always losing hair clips or bobby pins, install a magnetic strip where you do your hair and use it to hold these easily lost, small items
  • Stick a small magnet to the back of single eyeshadows, compacts or lipsticks and have a magnetic board near your mirror. Makes a handy place to pop items as you’re using them while keeping them all in one place
  • Line up some mini loaf tins in a drawer to hold lipsticks or other smaller beauty products

Whether you’re storing all your beauty stash at home or you’ve decided to have a bit of a clear out and put some into self storage, it really pays to get everything organised so you know what you’ve got. And it’s a brilliant excuse to just get amongst and spend some time with your favourite beauty products.

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27 thoughts on “Where to Store Your Beauty Stash”

  1. Some fab ideas for storage! My skin care and make up collection is a bit out of control now so definitely always looking for better ways to store it all. The tip about perfume is really helpful, didn’t realise it was better to keep them in the dark! Great post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You have so many excellent suggestions here. I love the different storage options – especially having the prettiest items on display. I do that in my office and I have my favorite items right there on my desk because they’re great props along with being great products 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I stopped leaving my perfumes on display for this exact reason. I’ve had ones in the past that have gone ‘off’ and it’s such a waste, as perfume is not the cheapest. I now keep them shaded or in a drawer. I love the idea of creating pretty displays of beauty products. I’ve done this with my skincare but my makeup pretty much just sits in a box. I really should try and make it a bit more accessible and pretty!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It takes time (and some trial and error) to figure this out! You’ve got some great suggestions here. I love using Muji products for storing my beauty bits – they’re really quite great. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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