Things to do in Looe Cornwall

Over the past week or so I have taken a little break from blogging and social media, it was a much needed detox and I’m feeling super refreshed after switching off. Whilst I was away from the blogging community, I took a trip with my boyfriend and his family to Cornwall, in particular a little coastal town called Looe. It was my first time visiting Cornwall and I had the most amazing holiday and I really want to share what we got up too.

Day 1 – This was our travel day, we had a long 5 hour car journey ahead of us from Liverpool. On long trips, Ryan and I split the driving between us. I drove down to Gloucester, we stopped off, ate some lunch and carried on. We left at around 10:15 and arrived in Looe at around 16:00. The drive down was perfect, we didn’t hit any traffic so it was super easy.

Upon arrival, I was blown away by the view, our home for the week was located on it’s very own beach, seperate from the main beach. It was so peaceful and relaxing! After ordering a Chinese, we headed into Looe for the first time to have a little mooch around.

Day 2 – Our first full day in Cornwall consisted of an hour drive to a beautiful waterfall called St Nectans Glen. There is a steep walk up to the falls, but the journey is very picturesque surrounded by trees and a flowing stream of water. I dipped my toes in the water and it was painfully cold! After our treck to the falls, we sat down on a picnic bench and ordered our very first cream tea of the trip. Don’t forget to put your jam on first in Cornwall!!

That evening we visited a local pub in Looe called The Golden Guinea, this was my first trip to a pub since lockdown began in March! After our much needed meal, we ventured back to our beach and played with a polystyrene plane. Throwing it around the beach to see how long its flight would last was so fun, we had to fetch it out of the sea multiple times!

St Nectans Glen Waterfall in Cornwall
St Nectans Glen Waterfall

Day 3 – We headed to Looe beach on our third day. I couldn’t believe how quiet it was on the beach, it made the day even better. I played football with Ryan and his brother, until we decided we were in need of a traditional Cornish Pasty. BEWARE – the seagulls are extremely vicious here, we all had to stand guard whilst eating, otherwise the seagulls wouldn’t have thought twice about attacking us for our food. It was rather hilarious to sit and watch peoples failing efforts to deter the horrible beasts. Unfortunately, I didn’t put any suncream on (I should know better, I burn so easily) and my thighs became burnt to a crisp. I was in so much pain for days afterwards, my legs swelled up! I’ve definitely learnt the hard way this time around!

Day 4 – Ryan and I ventured out on our own for a few hours, we drove down into a small fishing village called Polperro. The surrounding area is brimming with quaint cottages, and quirky shops. We spent a few hours here, but it isn’t somewhere that you could spend all day. There’s not an awful lot to do here other than explore the beautiful scenary. We walked down to a small harbour, and had a little walk along the shore.

That same day, on our beach, the tide was out quite far, which revealed a rocky route to another nearby beach. I must admit, I was terrifed that I was going to fall and hurt myself, but to my surprise I managed perfectly well (I don’t think I’ll be doing this again any time soon though).

Day 5 – On our fifth day we headed to Par Market in St Austell, Ryan’s little brother was insistent on buying a Jonny Cash Pop Figure…don’t ask! Whilst here, we discovered a retro game shop it was so cool! After spotting an old Nintendo Console from 1985, Ryan uhmmed and ahhed about picking it up. His parents secretly snuck back to the stall and picked it up for him as a surprise, I’ve never seen someone smile so much!

After the market we went to play Football Golf, it’s exactly what it sounds like. I was terrible at it so inevitably came last, we spent a good few hours here and it was so fun! On our way back, we picked up some fish and chips from the famous Coddy Shack, it was delicious! Ryan made a huge tower of rocks on the beach that evening, the waves didn’t like it too much and soon knocked it down as the tide was brought inland.

Rock Tower on a beach in Looe Cornwall
Rock Tower

Day 6 – Our last full day in the beautiful Cornwall was spent down in Looe purchasing gifts for my parents and my nan. We also enjoyed another cream tea, I really want to make scones now, I’m searching for a receipe as I speak!!

During the late afternoon, Ryan, his little brother and I went on an exploration across the rocks whilst the tide was out, this time it was a lot less treacherous. We looked in small rock pools to see if we could find anything unusual, we discovered this really strange looking blob, I assume it’s some sort of coral as I found quite a few of them.

The five of us then played with some tennis rackets and a ball, we tried so hard to get a streak going but I think we managed about 28 passes!

For our last meal, we drove back into Looe and went to the Golden Guinea again, and I enjoyed a delicious Cheese and Bacon Burger yummy. I felt super comfortable in here, given the covid situation. The pub had installed screens in between each table to maintain social distancing, and the staff wore visors and disposable pinnys.

Later that evening Ryan and I sat on our beach, the cloud began to clear revealing thousands upon thousands of stars. We even spotted metors darting through the sky, we also both got to see a shooting star. It was the most romantic experience in the world, I could have stayed out there the entire night, if we hadn’t needed to get up early to leave the next morning.

I had such an amazing and relaxing few days in Cornwall, the weather was beautiful the majority of the time and I’ve made some memories that will last a lifetime. Although I’d love to travel abroad again, I don’t feel safe and probably won’t be out of the country for at least another 12 months. The UK has some gorgeous seaside and countryside towns to visit, so I plan to make the most of what we have on offer just a few hours drive away.

I’ve decided to create a series on my blog called Travel With Me, I’ll be sharing my recent travel experiences with you, which should hopefully help you guys out when travelling to these destinations in the future.

Until Another Day x

22 thoughts on “Things to do in Looe Cornwall”

  1. Hi Kelly. What a great write-up, sounds like you had a fantastic time (apart from the sunburn! ouch!). We’ve stayed a few times in St Ives (a bit further down into Cornwall) but have never been to Looe. Perhaps we’ll have a day-trip there next time.

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  2. Cornwall looks like such a beautiful and relaxing place to kick back and enjoy a little downtime. We all need to find somewhere where we can just shut off and recenter ourselves. This year, however, it’s harder than usual – we can’t go far! Finding an option like this can make all the difference.

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