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Foxglove Fragrances Cruelty Free Wax Melts

* This post contains gifted items in exhange for a full and honest review *

When Foxglove Fragrances reached out to me I was instantly intriqued. Over the years I have heard more and more people talk about wax melts, but was yet to try them out for myself. Floxglove Fragrances are a family run business specialising in cruelty free handmade wax melts, designed specifically to make our homes smell beautiful. Not only do they lovingly create wax melts, but bath and body products as well, including bath bombs and whipped soaps.

Wax Melts

Image of Wax Melt Slabs from Foxglove Fragrances

In order to use a wax melt, you will need a wax melt burner. This ornament, contains a small opening at the bottom where I tea light will sit. At the top of the burner there is a small dish where the wax is placed. The tea light then heats up the wax, which in turn, melts it. Once the wax begins to melt, a beautiful aroma will fill the entire room, even the whole house!

Foxglove Fragrances sent me 4 of their wax melts, a beautiful burner and their Honeywash Shower Fluff (which smells amazing btw). The wax melts I received were Pomegranate Acai, Pink Custard & Chocolate Crunch, White Tea & Mint and Purple Mermaid. All of these wax melts contain little specks of sparkling glitter, which I thought was a really nice touch. Not only do they have a wonderful scent, but they look super pretty in my home.

After trying each of the wax melts, I was really impressed with how much the fragrance filled my entire bedroom and could be smelt throughout the house. My favourite is most certainly Pomegranate Acai it has a really sweet, fruity, juicy scent, something which really appeals to me in a candle. These slab tubs retails for £4.25 so are really affordable. Just a small amount will fill your home with the most amazing smell for hours upon hours. You get a lot for your money, as a little goes a long way. It’s going to take me so long to use them all up, and I will definitely try out some of their other scents in the future. I love the sound of their Strawberry and Lime Maragarita wax slab!

If you haven’t already tried out wax melts, or are on the market for some more, then I’d really recommend checking out Foxglove Fragrances. I discovered them through Instagram, they regularly post stock updates here, so it’s worth giving them a follow over there.

I hope you enjoyed my little review on these amazing wax melts. Have you tried wax melts before? Or have you only just discovered them like me? I’d love to know what your favourite wax melts are.

Until Another Day x

35 thoughts on “Foxglove Fragrances Cruelty Free Wax Melts”

  1. I absolutely love scented candles so I’m sure I’d love these fragrances wax melts ! And I support anything that’s cruelty free !

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  2. As a man of nearly 30 years old, I have never heard of these wondrous ‘wax melts’ and I will be looking into them. They sound very soothing and quirky. Thanks for the 101!

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  3. I’ve always been more of a candle person but these wax melts look and sound amazing! Such a nice option for gifting maybe or if you want to support a small business and also shop consciously in terms of them being cruelty free as well, so important. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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    1. I agree they’d be perfect as a gift for someone. They’re so pretty to look at and smell amazing. I love supporting small businesses, especially during these strange times we’re living through!


  4. These sound great. I’ve never used wax melts but I love the idea of them. They also look really beautifully packaged and made and I love that they’re cruelty free too!

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  5. This was such a great post. I love wax melts but have never seen any that have glitter in too so that is a nice touch. I’m definitely going to check these out because those scents sound amazing.

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