One Week in Pictures

A couple of weeks ago, maybe the second to last week of April, I decided to take a photograph every day for a week and document a little bit about what I’d been up to. I really enjoyed doing this, not only to share on my blog and Insta but to look back on in the future.

Day One


My boyfriend and I decided to go out for a lovely stroll around one of our local parks with my dog, Oscar. It felt good to get out of the house and walk somewhere other than the streets around my house. The fresh air and sunshine done all three of us the world of good, especially Oscar.

Day Two


I was pretty busy with work this day, I had a few deadlines to meet so naturally I wanted to complete everything on time. Whilst sitting at my dining room table, Oscar decided he wanted to give me a helping hand, or should I say paw.

Day Three


My dog is featuring heavily in this post, he’s so photogeneic! During lockdown we’ve been enjoying the nice weather and sitting in the garden as much as we can, so naturally we’ve had a few BBQs to make the day that little less boring. My mum bought some gigantic toasting marshmellows, so we always finish the BBQ by toasting them over the coals, delicious!

Day Four


I ventured out to the shops for the first time in a while this day, my mum usually goes but I thought I’d go for a change. Fortunately the closest Lidl is just a short walk away, so I combined my visit to the shop with my daily outdoor exercise. There was a little bit of queue to get inside but I wasn’t waiting too long. I was too nervous to grab a basket (because of germs), so I ended up struggling around the shop carrying as much as I could to the till. It was safe to say I couldn’t pick up as much as I would have liked, but I got all of the essentials.

Day Five


Another BBQ, how could we resist. During our meal we enjoyed a few glasses of Sangria under our gazebo. My dad loves to throw in some extra alcohol so I have no idea what was actually in there, but it tasted good all the same.

Day Six


I had a nice relaxing sunday morning, enjoying some fruit loaf (curtesey of my visit to the shops a couple of days ago) and reading my fellow bloggers posts. It was nice to take the time to sit down and read without any distractions. And yes, I do have my webcam covered with a piece of tape, in case I accidently leave it on after a conference call 🙈

Day Seven


I sat underneath our gazebo in the garden and read some of my book, Cilka’s Journey, which I have now finished. It was so relaxing, doing nothing but settling down to a good book. I really enjoyed this book, it was really emotional and had me welling up at times, but I’d really recommend checking it out.

And that’s all folks. I know I didn’t get up to anything exciting, but there isn’t much we can do at the moment. I think I might consider doing more posts like this in the future, but hopefully I’ll have more interesting things to share. What have you been getting up to during lockdown?

Until Another Day x




22 thoughts on “One Week in Pictures”

  1. You have an extremely cute dog!! I love this idea and it just goes to show that you dont have to be ‘busy’ all the time! Also, I’m very excited to read Cilka’s journey! Glad you enjoyed it. Xxx

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