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Revolution Velvet Rose Palette VS ABH Soft Glam Palette

I love Makeup Revolution, so when I was placing a Superdrug order I couldn’t help but add one of their palettes. I was instantly drawn to the Velvet Rose Palette, it screamed my name! This palette features an array of warm shades, with some dusty pink shadows too. The majority of the eyeshadows are matte, but it does contain five shimmer/glitter shadows as well. When I first spotted this online, straight away I thought that it looked very similar to the Anastasia Soft Glam Palette.  The Anastasia Palette retails for £46, yet the Makeup Revolution Palette only £4, that’s a whopping 168% difference!! Could this be the cheapest dupe yet?

This review is going to be slightly different than normal. I’m going to put the two palettes against each other and compare the differences to see which one comes out on top. Which palette do you think will win?


At first glance, both palettes look almost identical, with the exception of the packaging. The Anastasia Palette looks a lot more luxurious, which you’d expect from that price tag! It is encased in an almost velvet like material and has a decent sized mirror, it even comes with its own duel ended brush! The Revolution palette does look cheap (I mean I can’t really complain, it was £4 for crying out loud). Personally, it’s a slight letdown that this palette doesn’t have a mirror, it would be more user friendly if it did.

I have swatched the shadows from the palettes below, so you can see the pigmentation of each eyeshadow. The lightest shades in both palettes are really difficult to see on camera, they blend perfectly in to my (extremely) pale skin, but they are more pigmented than they appear.

Anastasia First Row Swatches2
Soft Glam Palette: from top to bottom – Tempera; Glistening; Orange Soda; Rose Pink; Sultry; Bronze; Mulberry
Anastasia Second Row Swatches
Soft Glam Palette: from top to bottom – Dusty Rose; Fairy; Burnt Orange; Sienna; Rustic; Cyprus Umber; Noir
Revolution Top Row (2)
Velvet Rose Palette – Top Row
Revolution Middle Row1 (3)
Velvet Rose Palette – Middle Row
Revolution Bottom Row
Velvet Rose Palette – Bottom Row

The swatches don’t do either palette justice. I would say that the Anastasia shadows are slightly more pigmented but both palettes are just as creamy and blendable. You do get 3 more eyeshadows in the Revolution palette and they are also larger than the Anastasia ones.  When swatching the eyeshadows, I noticed that the mattes in the Soft Glam palette felt slightly chalky, however the mattes in the Velvet Rose palette were super creamy. 

I’ve played around with both palettes and created some very similar looks. Here are two looks I put together using each palette, I’ve put the photographs side by side so you can see the similarities.

Side by Side Shot
Left Image – Soft Glam Palette. Right Image – Velvet Rose Palette

The shadows perform really well on the lids and are super easy to blend out. The intense gold shimmery shade from the Revolution palette looks stunning but has major fall out making it difficult to work with. I usually do my eye makeup first but even then I found it quite difficult to swipe the fallout away.  If you don’t typically do your eye makeup first, I’d recommend switching it up when using this eyeshadow.


In all honesty, I reach for the Anastasia palette the most therefore I declare this the winner. The convenience of a mirror is so handy when travelling and the shadows are more pigmented so perform better on the eyelid than the Revolution ones. You can however, achieve pretty much identical looks using the Revolution palette as the colour schemes are so similar. I do think though that the Revolution palette is the perfect dupe for the Soft Glam palette, so you should definitely pick this up if your budget is slightly tighter.

Have you tried any other Revolution palettes which are dupes for high end products? Or any brand in generally which could be a drug store dupe? Let me know in the comments below!

Until Another Day x



6 thoughts on “Revolution Velvet Rose Palette VS ABH Soft Glam Palette”

  1. I got the norvina palette by ABH for my bday last year and i ended up buying the purple toned palette from revolution to see if there was any difference, except the like £30 price difference. I prefer ABH cause its just so much more smooth especially the glitter shades, i found the glittery shades in the revolution to be really chalky, for a budget palette it is good but i reach for ABH!

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    1. I think the shimmery shades in the Soft Glam palette are really creamy and the colour pay off is better than Revolution. But for a budget you can get very similar looks! Thanks for reading 😊 x


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