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Six by Nico Liverpool – New York Menu

So this post is definitely a bit different to my usual content, however I want to expand my horizons and incorporate some lifestyle type posts to my blog.

Six by Nico is a new restaurant located on North John Street in Liverpool which opened at the back end of 2019. Six has 5 restaurants in the UK & Ireland these can be found in Manchester, Edinburgh, Belfast and Glasgow, the latter being the first to open. This restaurant isn’t your typical eatery, the menu consists of 6 themed tasting courses with the theme changing every 6 weeks. The themes across the different restaurants have so far been Guilty Pleasures, Thai Street Food, The Chippie and even Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

In Liverpool, the January-February theme is New York. New York is my favourite city I have ever visited so I was over the moon to hear that a whole menu was designed around the Big Apple’s culinary delights. The food menu is a set price of £29pp with the option to include a wine pairing with each course for an additional £26pp. I’m not a fan of wine so I didn’t add this to my meal. This weekend my boyfriend and I went on a little date night to Six so I thought I’d share our thoughts on each course. Please bare in mind that this is a tasting menu, so the portions are designed to be small and à la carte.

Course 1 – Beef Burger Doughnuts

Tomato Ketchup / American Mustard

Burger Doughnut

The first course was absolutely delicious. The burger was encased in a doughnut like bread, the bread was sweet similar to that of a Bao Bun, but slightly crisp on the outside. It tasted exactly like a beef burger and the addition of Ketchup and Mustard was a much loved bonus.

Course 2 – Eggs Benedict

Smoked Ham Hough Terrine / Brown Butter Hollandaise / Quail Egg

Eggs Benedict

I really enjoyed this course. The ham terrine was so tasty and was complimented well the with hollandaise sauce. I don’t usually like hollandaise sauce, but this tasted completely different and wasn’t like the conventional yellow sauce. To accompany this dish there was a little breadcrumb encrusted ball, the menu didn’t say what this was, but from the taste I’m guessing it was black pudding.

Course 3 – Little Italy

Beef Ragu / Saffron Pappardelle / Parmesan Espuma

Beef Ragu

Wow, what a little treat this was! I could have eaten an entire plate full of this pasta. The Beef Ragu was served alongside a delectable Parmesan foam, that once mixed in with the pasta added a wonderful cheesiness to the dish. Although the portion was small, it was extremely rich in flavour and had me struggling to finish the remaining 3 courses.

Course 4 – Sweetcorn Chowder (vg)

Roasted Corn / Potato Terrine / Squash Dumplings / Lemon Gel

Sweetcorn Chowder

I am not a seafood fan at all, but at Six you are able to switch out individual dishes for the vegetarian option. I opted for the Sweetcorn Chowder for this one instead. Out of all the courses this one was the one that I least enjoyed, I just didn’t like the texture and taste of the squash dumplings, it was really unusual. I loved the potato terrine and would have happily eaten another portion of this instead of the dumplings.

Course 5 – Flatiron Building

Smoked Flat Iron Steak / Jerusalem Artichoke / Lovage Emulsion / Brisket Croquette


I love a good steak, I typically have my steak cooked medium, but this slice was a lot rarer than I would normally go for. We were originally asked when ordering if this was okay, to which I agreed, however I kind of wish I’d asked if mine could be cooked a little longer. The Brisket Croquette was my favourite part of this dish it wasn’t too crispy and the beef inside was cooked wonderfully.

Course 6 – The Big Apple

New York Cheesecake / Apple Compote / Pecan & Oat Granola


And last but definitely not least, the star of the show! This dessert didn’t look anything like your traditional cheesecake, it resembled an apple almost perfectly. The Apple Compote was particularly tart but combined with the sweetness of the cheesecake was a perfect taste bud explosion.

I really love the concept of Six by Nico, it’s a nice alternative to going to the same restaurant and picking the same meal each time. It allows you to try different foods that you wouldn’t necessarily chose.  This is my second time at Six and it definitely won’t be my last.

Until Another Day x

Please note – this wasn’t a gifted experience.

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