New York Makeup Haul

I recently went on a trip of a lifetime to New York City. Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of entering the world of bright lights and the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. Visiting New York was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had so far, it seriously is like something out of a movie scene.

IMG_2263The view of Manhattan in the evening was incredible!

While in New York, I thought it only fitting to squeeze in a little bit of retail therapy, though I don’t think my boyfriend appreciated this much…oops.

It’s a public outrage in the UK that we STILL do not have a Sephora, like c’mon it’s almost 2018! Each time I went by a Sephora I had to take a look inside, despite there not being much difference store to store. There was definitely a recurring theme of my boyfriend following me around like a lost puppy every time we stepped in anywhere makeup related.

I purchased quite a few products, picking up items here and there. Varying from drugstore to highend. To be honest I wish I would have bought more, but I was so overwhelmed by the amount of items on offer! I’ve decided to share with you the things I’ve bought, along with some brief outlines of what I think so far…Enjoy!

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo

As you can probably guess from the name, this contains not one, but two highlighters. I picked up the shades Lightening Dust & Fire Crystal. Both highlights have a different forumla. According to the Sephora website, Lightening Dust is a soft pearlescent sheen and Fire Crystal is a supercharged pearlescent shimmer. Out of the two I prefer Fire Crystal because it is a more intense highlighter, mixing the two together also creates a lovely shine to the skin.


Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

Basically a Pina Colda in bronzer format, it smells delicious! The bronzer itself is perfect for paler complexions and doesn’t look heavy on the skin. I use this to lightly contour and bronze up my face for a more natural everyday look. Out of all the drugstore items I managed to get my hands on, this was the priciest, but worth every penny.


Too Faced Peach Mist Mattifying Setting Spray

Anything that claims to mattify and prolong the wear of my makeup I’m all for trying out. Having not really researched this spray before, I didn’t entirely know what to expect. It is a heavily fragranced setting mist, that some people may find too overwhelming, personally I think it is quite nice. So far I don’t have anything bad to say, but I feel like I need to test it out more before I can give a full opinion of it.


ELF Studio Blush (Twinkle Pink)

This blush certainly does twinkle, it has tiny flecks of shimmer embedded within it, but without looking chunky on the skin, it provides my face with a lovely subtle glow. It’s such a soft pink that can be used with pretty much any makeup look. Since picking it up, I haven’t reached for any other blush in my collection.


Inglot Duraline

I have always wanted to try Duraline to revitalise dried out products. I’ve used this to bring the life back into my eyebrow pomade and gel eyeliner. Just a tiny drop does the trick, it’s actually a miracle worker! Before deciding to discard dried out items, think about purchasing this. A little goes a long way so you’ll undoubtedly get your money’s worth.


Jordanna Best Lash Extreme Volumising Mascara

This has to be one of my favourite drugstore mascaras available in the US. Every time I have visited the states I’ve had to pick this up. It gives my lashes intense volume and length without making them look clumpy and it’s so affordable!!


Limited Edition Tarteist Trove Collectors Set

I picked this little set up at Macy’s. I saw it on display and instantly knew I had to buy it. The shades consist of matte and shimmery shadows. I think this pallete is really versatile due to the spectrum of colours it contains. The sides of the box pop out, the left side contains a blush, bronzer and highlighter, and the right houses a mini mascara, lip gloss and eyeliner. So far I have actually only used the eyeshadows from this set, but can’t wait to try the rest of the items this little Pandoras box holds. It’s limited edition so I’d make sure to get your hands on this fast!


Sephora Collection Golden Hour Highlighter 

I bought the shade ‘Dusk’ which is a beautiful subtle golden pink highlighter. Recently I have been using this most days as part of my daily makeup routine. It give a very faint shimmer to the tops of my cheeks and isn’t too intense for an every day look. I’m not usually in to pink highlighters, but this one is so pretty that I can’t stop wearing it. It has more of an iridescent gold finish to it, and I’m constantly receiving compliments whenever I wear it.


Too Faced Born This Way Concealer

I’ve been wanting a new concealer for quite some time now. I decided to pick the miniature travel size of this up, just in case I didn’t like it. But now I wish I would have bought the full size. It has good coverage and hides my dark circles, I also love to use it to hide any blemishes that may still peak through my foundation. I will definitely be investing in the full sized concealer in the future.


L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara

Just to throw it out there, I haven’t used this yet…sorry. I like to stick to using one mascara at a time. I’ve heard that this a drugstore dupe for the Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara. I was tempted to buy the Too Faced version, but decided to stick with the cheaper alternative instead. I really like this mascara, it lengethned and volumised my lashes in just one coat.


Anastasia Beverley Hills Liquid Lipstick

I’ve only tried this out once, I have the shade ‘Lovely’, and it most certainly is a lovely colour. It dried pretty quickly, so I’d recommend applying it fast. I found that it made my lips look slightly cracked and feel a little on the dry side. The next time I applied it I used a moisturising lip balm and this seemed to make a difference. It stayed put after I’d eaten but was quite hard to remove.


Becca Mini Highlighting Duo in Opal

To be honest this was a bit of an impulse buy. I was in the queue ready to make my payment, but then I noticed this on the ‘strategically placed’ shelving surrounding the check-out area. The set includes a miniature ‘Opal’ powder highlight, along with the liquid formula. I am in love with both of these products. I like to use the liquid highlight underneath my foundation, then add the powder one on top, after I’ve applied the rest of my makeup. This process gives a really intense glow, just how I like it 😀


Milani Conceal & Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation

I’d been wanting to try this foundation for quite some time, but I’m always apprehensive to buy foundation online, in case the colour doesn’t match. I decided to play it safe and pick up the lightest shade, because the shop I bought this at didn’t have testers to shade match beforehand. I was so shocked at how yellow this shade is, I mean I can’t compare it to other shades in this collection, but WOW this is yellow! Once blended into my skin and other products are added, the yellow tone to my skin pretty much disappears. Other than the apparent miss-matched colour shade, this foundation has really good coverage. It’s quite a thick consistency, so I recommend using sparingly. It leaves my skin looking flawless and covers blemishes without the need for further coverage with concealer.


Anastasia Beverley Hills Matte Lipstick

Despite being a matte forumla, this lipstick didn’t feel drying on my lips and is such a gorgeous colour (Kiss). The packaging is so sleek and beautiful each time I go to wear it I can’t help but admire it. I would love to try some other shades, it would be great to get some colour recommendations.


Well that concludes my little makeup shopping spree that I went on in New York. Let me know if you would like a more in depth review about any of the items I’ve mentioned here. Just leave a short comment below and I’ll try and make that happen.

Until another day x











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