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REVIEW – Coco Brown 1hr Instant Tan

For well over a year now I have used the Coco Brown 1 hour Instant Tan in medium and I absolutely swear by it! The tan is extremely buildable and can be used to achieve a light, subtle sun kissed glow, or a darker more intense tan. The tan works by gradually developing over a few hours, the longer you leave it on the deeper in colour the tan will be, simple! The bottle recommends: 1 hour for a light tan, 2 hours for a medium and 3 hours for a dark tan.

Upon purchasing, I was a little wary to start with because I wasn’t really sure what to expect, I hadn’t heard much about it prior to buying. I have always been somewhat sceptical and apprehensive when it comes to fake tanning because my skin is so fair and pale, I was always worried that I would look orange!

Application: The tan has a mouse like consistency and fortunately doesn’t have that ‘false tan smell’, unlike other tanning products, this one actually smells quite pleasant. I recommend showering prior to using the tan, and make sure you don’t forget to exfoliate! I’ve made this mistake in the past, the tan can look patchy in parts where dead skin (gross) hasn’t been removed. Using a tanning mit or glove is also essential when applying the product, moving your hand in circular motions ensuring that all of the tan is absorbed into the skin. Be careful when tanning your feet and hands, these areas can often look ‘unnatural’ if not massaged in carefully. Once you are happy with your tanning application, it is time to sit back, relax and let the tanning fairies work their magic.

After you have waited your desired time length, you simply jump into the shower until the water runs clear. Don’t scrub your skin with shower gels otherwise this may effect the overall look of the tan. Pat your skin down lightly with a towel, again try not to rub. The tan continues to develop once you have rinsed the excess off. Your tan might not look really dark but the next morning/later on in the day, the chances are you will notice a difference.

Occasionally I will sleep in the tan, letting it develop overnight. Whenever I where it, I receive compliments on how brown I look. One person even asked where I had been on holiday!! Even some of my family and work colleagues have purchased this after seeing how it looks. The added bonus of this tan is that it can be applied the day you are attending an event or going on a night out etc. because it only takes a few hours to develop. Personally, the tan has lasted in all approximately 7 DAYS, I think this is pretty good if you ask me.

The price is also a steal, at only £7.99 in Superdrug and it comes in 3 shades: medium, dark and ultra dark (I use the shade medium).

Get yours here…
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